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The St. Paul Abilities Network is a key provider of supports to people in St. Paul and district. As well, certain program resources are available on a regional basis.

Soft Room

Also known as a Snoozelen multi-sensory environment feature is available for minimal cost to the community. A specially designed ‘sensory therapy’ resources, the soft room is a comfortable, quiet space for any age group to refocus and calm. Evidence suggests Snoozelen facilities are particularly effective with people who live with Autism or Dementia, helping to stimulate focus and attention while removing distractions. Generally the soft room will be booked in advance for half an hour to 1 hour intervals.


Resource Library

SPAN is happy to provide community members with a print and video resources to community members. SPAN has transferred a significant number of titles to the St. Paul Public Library for easy access. SPAN provides a generous grant, from time to time, to the public library to keep titles current. Please phone SPAN main office if you are seeking specific titles, as some resources are in use and available through our office.

Brain Injury

This program assists adults 18 years and over with acquired brain injury and their families through support, coordination, advocacy, education, and their delivery of supports for community living services. Causes of brain injury can include:

  • Traumatic or direct contact force to the head such as motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries and assaults.
  • Pathological causes such as strokes, tumor, liver or kidney disease, viral meningitis, encephalitis.
  • Non-traumatic accidents such as near drowning and suffocation.

We support the North Central region which includes St. Paul, Cold Lake, Lac La Biche, Vegreville, Bonnyville, Two Hills, Mundare, Elk Point, Vilna, Smoky Lake and surrounding areas.

If you would like more information on brain injuries please visit: and watch our Brain Injury 101 Webinar Learning Series. This learning series explores the basics of what a brain injury is and strategies for individuals living with brain injuries in Alberta. The sessions are intended to help individuals, families and agencies access information and resources about brain injury.

Access to brain injury resources is available through the SPAN office. Call (780)645-3441. Dial ‘0’ for the operator and ask for assistance,


Completing legal government papers can be very intimidating to the general public. But we ease that stress by assisting individuals in the Northeastern Alberta area who are seeking personal decision making options. Assistance is available with legal guardianship, Trusteeship, personal directives, co-decisions, and specific decisions and supported decision making.

If you would like more information about Guardianship and Trustee Services please visit

Or call our office at 780-645-3441 and ask the operator for the Guardianship Worker.

Supports not Listed

SPAN supports people with needs, who are vulnerable or face risks living in the community, or live with challenging disabilities.

Most supports are designed around individuals and specific to their needs. If you do not find a kind of support you’re looking for on this webpages, please call the office (780)645-3441. This webpage lists general categories but may not define your particular support services.

Links to other services

We’ll help you find what you’re looking for. For referral to supports or guidance to navigate the complex world of supports and services, please call us.

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