Board Members

Amelia Harmse, President

Amelia Harmse moved to Alberta July, 2000. She has worked as a Mental Health Therapist and continues to be an influence for positive  services to individuals. Mrs. Harmse has served on the Board since 2011.

Trent Coulthard, Vice President

Mr. Coulthard has lived in St. Paul for 26 years. A retired power lineman, Trent uses his firsthand experience as a parent to promote the needs of the community’s disabled population. He has been on the board since 2011 and is a dedicated volunteer in the community.

Ron Boisvert, Treasurer

Mr. Boisvert rejoined the Board in 2016, having served from 2001 to 2004. Ron is a former town council member, having been elected 4 times, before taking on the role of Town C.A.O. Ron also served as chair of the CAP Arena for 33 years.

Tom Melnyk, Director

A resident of St. Paul for the last 45 years. Tom is now retired , an industrial accountant for 37 years, he is community minded and contributes a majority of his free time to community organizations. He has acted as a Director and Vice President of the Board since 2010.

Jean Formanek, Director

Jean Formanek is a native to St. Paul. Jean is a retired office worker and over the years has volunteered with different organizations including the church, Good Sam Club, Elks, and with S.P.A.N. as a board member since 2015.

David Gamache, Director

Dave Gamache has lived all his life in St. Paul. A retired Journeyman mechanic ha has used his years of experience as a Foster parent to guide his commitment to quality service provision to individuals with multiple challenges. Dave joined the Board in January 2002 and has served with distinction on the Board: been Secretary of the executive committee, Vice President, and then as President for 2 years. After retiring Dave was reelected to the board in 2015.

Arnold Marira, Director

 As a current HR manager for E-can, and small business owner, Arnold brings a unique mix of gifts to the SPAN Board table. Elected the first time in 2016, Arnold expects to become very active on the SPAN Board.


Tony Tkachyck, Director

Tony presently reside on a farm west of St. Paul. He am a father of three children – Tanya, Charmaine and Mark. Charmaine has cerebral palsy and has been a SPAN client for 30 years residing at children’s residence and now at residence #10 since it was built.


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