Empowerment. Excellence. Service.

This is SPAN’s vision for our role in the community.

Empowerment is about SPAN working to create opportunities for people of all abilities to be accepted by society, included in their community, and to become contributing members, valued for what each person offers.

Excellence is the best practice and the best delivery of supports we can manage. Excellence is action; it is the constant striving for high quality supports; the ability to adapt to changing needs of our service recipients. It is leading by example. It is being a contributing member of our business community. It is the standard of our services; the integrity we maintain; and the care we have for those less fortunate.

Service is having a role in our community to care about and for people who face challenges. Chen Guangcheng said ‘how a society treats its’ disabled is the true measure of civilization’. Service on behalf of others is the activity of those who believe in a moral society.


Below are the social enterprises that we currently own and operate in the community.

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