Board Vacancies come September 2019

St. Paul Abilities Network will have 3 Board vacancies come our AGM in September.

This is a volunteer Board. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our Board please give Tim Bear a call at 780-645-3441.

Volunteer, Community Capacity and Team Builder of the month of January

Volunteer of the month: Marie Wruth – Thank you for coordinating the bingos and filling the volunteer spots that needed to be filled!

Community Capacity of the month: St. Paul Action Bus: Thank you for running every day of the week, our individuals really appreciate the bus!

Team Building of the month: CES Department – For working so hard this month with the lack of 2 staff off. Thank you for all your hard work!

January Staff of the month

Congratulations to our Residential staff Sujatha Ruttala for winning January staff of the month!

Thank you for always being positive within the homes you work at.

The management team would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Human Resource Manager

We are so thrilled to have Craig Cherrett join our team as our new Human Resource Manager.

Welcome to the team Craig!

Christmas Party 2018 Award Winners

Thank you to everyone to came and enjoyed our Christmas party together! It was a great turn out and a lot of fun!

We had many awards to hand out this year!

5 years of service:

  • Jane Benitez
  • Michelle Painagan
  • Jeff Painagan
  • Giuseppi Painagan
  • Michael Anu
  • Steven Thompson

10 years of service:

  • Laura Burton
  • Greg Ponich

20 years of service:

  • Alice Haraba

Staff of the year: Chita Tac-an in accounting

Team Builder of the year: Cristina Costanos in CES

Volunteer of the year: Doug Romanovich

Community Capacity Builder of the year: Christine Farkas


Congratulations to all on your milestones and winnings of the year!

September Volunteer, Team Builder and Community Capacity of the Month

Volunteer: Herman & Bridgette Poulin, thank you for working with artists and working with the gallery at the hotel!

Team Builder: 2018 Float Committee, thank you to all the ladies who put their hard work and creativity into this years rodeo float! We placed second!

Community Capacity: Dr. Sereda, Thank you for making home visits to our clients.

Community Capacity: Harold Wegner, thank you for supplying Trennah with some of your hard work vegetables from your garden in a time in need!

September Staff of the Month!

Congratulations to Will Trottier for September staff of the month!

The management would like to thank you for all your hard work and helping with orientation to new staff into the Complex Needs program!


Our Christmas Party will be on December 1st this year!

Tickets are $25 per ticket

Doors open at 5:00 and supper is at 6:00

If you are wanting any other information please call reception at 780-645-3441


August Volunteer, Team Builder and Community Capacity

Congratulations to the following for winning the award for August

Volunteer: Donna Ulliac for being the Secretary of the Rights Committee.

Team Builder: Atlas Bjorn for working well with his team!

Community Capacity: Next to New Store for hosting this years block party.


The management team would like to thank you for all your hard work!