Career Development

Career and Inclusion Services provides support to individuals in order to engage them in their community. The focus of this department is to facilitate the opportunity for individuals to participate in roles where they are valued for their contribution.

Community Employment Services

Our purpose is to support and encourage individuals to develop goals regarding their career interests. A variety of assessments, observations, discovery exercises and interviews, enables S.P.A.N. to outline the person’s strengths/needs and work towards their goals. Persons with disabilities, who want to further their employment skills and are ready to obtain employment in the community can apply for assistance.

Community Access Supports Services

Community Supports Services provides two separate programs. One is generally accessed by individuals who are less than 45 years of age (Distinctive Arts and Crafts) and the other for the aging population (Day Support Services). These programs are designed to assist individuals to participate in the community and develop personal wellness. Supports can assist the participants in the acquisition or enhancement of creative life skills, art, communication, socialization, daily living tasks, and skills transferable to employment preparation, volunteer work, and community awareness.


Strides – Teaching Essential Skills

This program is funded by St. Paul Community Learning Association and the funds go directly to hiring an instructor. The instructor who focuses on increasing essential skills for its participants. This is accomplished by curriculum based learning, connecting with community resources and by using practical examples and real life situations. The instructor focuses on the essential skills which are:




Document Use

Critical Thinking

Digital Technology

Oral Communication

Working with Others

The participants of this program are adults who live with mental illness and/or brain injuries. Referrals are sent to the director of (Career and Inclusion Support Services).

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