Service Tender Awarded to SPAN

SPAN Announcement

“The St Paul Abilities Network (SPAN) is excited to announce that SPAN is the successful agency in the Alberta Government Community and Social Services service request. Winning the service request provides long term financial stability for SPAN in offering for services to persons with developmental disabilities in the St Paul community and area. SPAN was chosen for these services because of our 56-year history of quality services and commitment to individuals with disabilities find a good life in the community of St Paul.


Over the past year SPAN has experienced many challenges but our board and employees rose to the challenge. Today, we have succeeded in establishing a solid foundation to move forward and by returning to our roots by re-focusing on supporting individuals with disabilities. We are breathing new life into our mission – People are Our Purpose –  by wholeheartedly supporting the individuals in our services live and work in the St Paul community and celebrating the dedication of our employees.


We welcome you to attend our AGM on October 28th when you can learn more about our plans for SPAN, the individuals in our services and our work in St Paul. We will keep you posted and we hope to see you at our AGM.”