Christmas Party 2018 Award Winners

Thank you to everyone to came and enjoyed our Christmas party together! It was a great turn out and a lot of fun!

We had many awards to hand out this year!

5 years of service:

  • Jane Benitez
  • Michelle Painagan
  • Jeff Painagan
  • Giuseppi Painagan
  • Michael Anu
  • Steven Thompson

10 years of service:

  • Laura Burton
  • Greg Ponich

20 years of service:

  • Alice Haraba

Staff of the year: Chita Tac-an in accounting

Team Builder of the year: Cristina Costanos in CES

Volunteer of the year: Doug Romanovich

Community Capacity Builder of the year: Christine Farkas


Congratulations to all on your milestones and winnings of the year!